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Try these questions and more!
  1. Where was the Hodge Opera House located?
    Answer Photos

  2. What year did the schooner the Lucinda Van Valkenburg meet her watery demise?
    Answer History

  3. When is the Niagara Wine Trail's Bicentennial Event?
    Answer Events

  4. North Tonawanda, known as the “Lumber City,” held the record in the country for lumber production at the end of what century?
    Answer History

  5. The Seven Sutherland Sisters were world-famous for their incredible what, which reportedly had a collective length of 37 feet.
    Answer History

  6. What year did the the Great Gorge Route?
    Answer History

  7. What will be the size of the finish quilt being sewn by the Kenan Quilters Guild?
    Answer Photos

  8. Who won the Bicentennial logo contest?
    Answer Photos

  9. Scott Hagan, an artist from Ohio, is an expert in this area and has been contracted to do this work in each of the county's 12 townships. What is he doing?
    Answer Barn Painting

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